THanks for 4k -NHL 18 Pack Opening

THanks for 4k -NHL 18 Pack Opening

Thanks for all the Supports guys i can’t do this without you guys … can we hit 100 likes on this video 🙂 Let hit 5k now But The Journey had just begun Subscribers here to Become a UGDYNASTY today Hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, check out my Playlists:Best Pulls All Time: Sunday-NHL 18 Hockey Ultimate Team: 18 Road to the Cup-Toronto Maple Leafs: Roulette-NHL 18 Hockey Ultimate Team: 18 ROAD TO GLORY: 18 PACK KING ROAD TO GLORY: 18 Expansion Franchise: 17 Roulette: 16 Pack Roulette: 17:Draft Champions: 17: PACK KING ROAD TO GLORY: 17 : ROAD TO GLORY: 16 — ROAD TO GLORY: SLIPS & WAGERS: 17 Pack Russian Roulette: 17 Challenge:*TURN ON MY POST NOTIFICATIONS SO YOU DON’T MISS A VIDEO!*TeamDYNASTY TheFinnFTW: Gaming: Gaming: The Pipes: UGAmry Store Coming soon Second Channel: JuliaNHL2008I’m PACK KING NHL Community and if you don’t believe me just watch this playlist Best Pulls All Time — I do upload daily Uploads at 12:00 pm EST! there is a second upload that will be uploaded at 4:00 PM EST!



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